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Committee Duties


Maintain appropriate job descriptions for all Village of Biron personnel. Oversee the completion of employee evaluations. The Public Works Supervisor / Water Superintendent will evaluate the crew and report to the Personnel Committee. The Public Works Supervisor / Water Superintendent will be evaluated by all committees and input to Personnel Committee for final evaluation by Personnel Committee. Review wages and benefits of all non-represented Village personnel. Monitor the completion of all required training and maintenance of required certifications. In coordination with Village of Biron Committees and Board of Trustees, maintain appropriate levels of staffing for Village services. In coordination with supervisory/management staff, recruit, screen and submit recommendations to Village board for open positions or positions created by the Village Board. In coordination with the Village of Biron Board of Trustees and their appointed legal representation, negotiate labor agreements with represented Village of Biron labor groups.

Review monthly all purchases made by Village personnel, departments, and committees. Review compliance of Village purchasing policies. Review investment accounts as submitted by Village Clerk or Treasurer. Make recommendation to the Village of Biron Board of Trustees regarding the monthly payment for approved purchases. At the Request of Village of Biron Committee Chairpersons, reviews bids and purchase recommendations exceeding $1000.00. Oversee purchase impacts on Village and Committee budgets. Review and submit preliminary budget proposals to the Village Board annually. Review funding needs and submit proposals to the Village Board. Submit preliminary budget adjustments as necessary to the Village Board. Authorize the examination, review or audit of Village financial records.

Make recommendations to the Village Board for necessary revisions of Village of Biron ordinances. Oversee enforcement of all Village ordinances and codes as designated by the Village Board. Establish policy/procedure to assist Village staff in handling ordinance violations and the issuance of ordinance citations. Oversee all contractual agreements with inspectors contracted by the Village. Coordinate Village legal activities pertaining to ordinance enforcement with the Village designated attorney(s). Review all building permits issued.

Responsible for the management of Village of Biron public use property and facilities, excluding Village of Biron property that serves as road rights-of-way. Oversee the rental activity of Village property. Oversee all contracts and services pertaining to Village safety including Village of Biron fire department.

Responsible for planning and oversight pertaining to the maintenance, repair, and construction of Village streets, sanitation sewer systems, storm drainage systems, landfills, public lighting, solid and recyclable waste disposal and services. Maintenance of Village public works equipment, buildings, and property. Assist in the identification and prioritization of Village public works crew activities.

Responsible for all maintenance, repair, and construction pertaining to the Village owned Water Utility. Monitor Biron Water Utility financial performance. Prepare and submit proposed Water Utility Budgets to the Budget Development and Personnel Committee. Oversee the activities of the Village Water Superintendent.

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