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Welcome to Biron Wisconsin

Located in southeastern Wood County along the banks of the Wisconsin River, Biron offers a blend of natural beauty, quiet residential neighborhoods, and abundant wildlife and recreation. Home to one of North America's finest coated paper manufacturing facilities, as well as hundreds of acres of thriving cranberry marshes, Biron's diverse landscape provides the perfect place to live, work, and play in the Heart of Wisconsin area.

Municipal Center business hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Contact us at 715-423-6580.

The Village of Biron Board of Trustees holds monthly meetings on the second Monday. Please check the Board Agendas & Minutes page for information.

Looking for a great place to have your birthday or anniversary party, wedding reception, or any other gathering?  The Municipal Center hall is available year 'round.  A rental form is located on the Services tab above.  Please call 715-423-6580 for availability and rental rates.

The shelter house in the Village park on South Biron Drive is available to rent through the end of October; weather permitting. A rental form is located on the Services tab above.  Call 715-423-6580 to check availability.

There is always a crew member on call in case of a road, water or sewer emergency.  Call 715-424-4962.  Please call 911 for a medical emergency.                                                                                                                                       


Upcoming Meetings & Notices

05/17/2023 - 2022 Consumer Confidence Report, Biron Water Utility
06/01/2023 - Alcohol and Cigarette License Applications
06/07/2023 - Finance Committee Meeting
06/13/2023 - Public Works, Sanitation, Wastewater
06/21/2023 - Joint Review Board Meeting; 2022 TID Annual Reporting



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- Water Meter Exchanges and Cross Connection Survey
Letters will be sent to residents in regard to performing water meter exchanges and cross connection surveys. The meter exchanges will be taking place over the course of two years. Not everyone will receive notices this year. If you do receive a notification, please contact the village hall at (715)423-6580 to make an appointment. This is a requirement from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Per the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, water suppliers for each municipal water system shall cause a survey to be conducted for every residential service a minimum of once every ten years or on a schedule matching meter replacement and to exchange your meter.
- Building Permits Required
Building permits are required for nearly all building and remodeling projects including furnace and air conditioner installations. Permits are always required for a roof, driveways, fences, and sheds. The contractor should apply for the permit at the municipal clerk's office. By doing so, protection is offered for both parties. If the homeowner pulls the building permit for the contractor, they may be personally liable should there be an injury. As the homeowner, you may be unaware that the contractor may not be paying unemployment insurance, worker's compensation insurance, or carrying liability insurance, thus putting unknown liability on you. Work done prior to obtaining a permit, including early start permits, will result in the permit fee being doubled. Visit the Permits and Forms page for further information.


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